Together we can change the script.

An increasing number of film and television productions feature Muslim characters and/or a narrative with themes related to Islam. In principle this is great. However, the often negative portrayal of Muslims and the Islamic faith, in stereotypical storylines, has dire consequences. Misrepresentation breeds mistrust and irrational fears. It impacts both public perception and the resulting marginalization of the Muslim community.

UKMF works to challenge misconceptions. We support filmmakers and industry professionals to ensure authentic portrayals of Muslims on screen. We support the next generation of filmmakers to navigate an ever changing entertainment industry, where inclusivity, accountability and diversity are more important than ever.

Too often we see glaring errors in the way ritualistic aspects of Islam are depicted on screen. It only serves to demonstrate poor research and a lazy approach to storytelling.  The Muslim community loves to see accuracy in detail. It helps to build a trusting relationship, dispel mistrust and fears, and highlight the commonalities which binds us all together. So if you want to win over a larger audience, let us help you get it right!

UKMF can advise on your projects. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise on Islam, and the global Muslim community. Together, with subject matter experts on all topical issues, we can help you achieve that authenticity.