It’s about time we change the script

Film and television are powerful. They can help us better understand the world around us, exposing us to cultures, lives and experiences so removed from our own, and yet so similar to ours in essence. Film and television have the power to unite, educate, and engage. But with great power also comes great responsibility.

UKMF is working to change perspectives. We’re challenging stereotypes and working towards a more authentic depiction of Muslims and Islam on screen. We’re championing talent from marginalised communities in the industry, in order to facilitate a more honest representation of Muslims, both on screen and behind the camera. And we’re advising industry professionals to ensure more authentic and positive portrayals of Islam and Muslims.

Support our work. Whether you’re a disgruntled film-buff or an organisation looking to promote your business, we want to hear from you. Become a UKMF Ambassador, sponsor an award, fund the next award winning film by a young filmmaker who has the talent to inspire and galvanise audiences. Perhaps you’d like to host a screening, participate in a panel discussion or headline a masterclass, your support will help us discover the rising stars of tomorrow.

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